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My dear Friends, Namaskar.  Hope you are enjoying the limitless possibilities that the world has to offer.

I am currently reading “Journey to Self Realization” by Parmahansa Yogananda. Every word of this book is to be treasured.

In the very early stages of the book, he commented on “The importance of knowing the reason for your existence“. I found it very interesting since this is one of the pounding questions our Spiritual Masters have always asked in lectures. Yogananda said that “It is an insult to your Self to be born, live, and die without knowing the answer to the mystery of why you were sent here as human beings in the first place.”

I agree, since only after knowing our Self and our purpose here, can we act to enrich the world.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think?  What are you doing to Know yourself ?

Pt. Hardat

  • Nadia says:

    I feel I have a long way to go to find out my purpose… though, now that I’ve had my daughters, I feel part of the reason was to bring them into the world…so they may achieve their purpose (which at the moment, is bringing absolute joy to everyone they meet!) This is one achievement I am thoroughly proud of and am blessed to have been able to do.
    Outside of this, the search continues, and I hope whatever my purpose is, it will provide joy and pride to my family and friends.
    Wonderful topic!

  • Namaste!

    Another excellent effort to gradually raise the level of spirituality of your followers. With every attendance at Mandir Satsangs there should be self evaluation of how much progress one has made on the road to spiritual evolution, for this can only come about by inner transformation of the individual.

    Reading is indeed a sure way of sharpening the tools necessary to chisel the unwanted pieces of stones from a rock to produce beautiful “MURTIS”. Signs of this are already emerging from your Mandir. Congratulation.

    Satsangs, like the program of a “GYM” will have no effects unless we get involved in the practices. ALL PRACTICES IN THE MANDIR THEREFORE ARE DONE TO DESTROY COMPLETELY ONCE AND FOR ALL OUR E-G-O. Put differently, our attendances are to make us “NAKED” that is to understand that we are the layer of sheaths (Koshas), Mind, Intellect, BUT the TRUE SELF (SHIVA AHAM)

    Great Job Pandit Hardat. Hope all Mandirs in Canada and elsewhere take a lead from you and commence immediately to work on this “EGO” THING.


  • The question my elder brother Pt. Hardat posed pertains to the reason of our existence.

    Satre, a philosopher, would say that we did not choose to be born. However, we have been born. Because we have been born, we have the choice to live or die by taking our own life. (This opens up another question. Do we have the right to take our life or is that not our right, but only God’s right?)

    Since we obviously have chosen to live, we are forced to make choices because we exist. One reason we exist is maybe to make choices. The choices we make today may affect us tomorrow.

    This leads me to wonder if we should solely make choices based on duty or make choices based on sentiments or feelings. Maybe we exist to peform our duties. (This leads to another question. What is duty? Also, how do we perform our duties?)

    -Sabrina (NJ, USA)

  • Aartie says:

    I think life is like a puzzle: You need to fit all of the pieces together in order to understand the bigger picture. In order to understand our reason for existance, we need to figure out the smaller things in life and question the rational. Sometimes it is best not to question the Irrational because everything happens for a reason. Eventually, we will find our purpose in life with proper guidance from our spiritual leader. Praying to God and following his teachings will elevate you and make you a better human. If we detach ourselves from the materialistic world and connect with God, are we not doing our duty? It is best to accept the smaller gifts in life and appreciate every second we have with our family and friends because there is someone always looking for a second chance to live the right way.

  • Latchmi says:

    Excellent quote!
    It is not the external marks but the internal renunciation of ‘attachment to personal gain’ makes us spiritually mature. The reassuring advice of the Bhagwat Geeta logically convinces us that performing our duty with love and patience makes our life divine; only then the fragrance of freedom will permeate our life.

  • Vish says:

    Namaskaar ji!

    Congratulations on this interactive extension of BSM! I implore you to share in your sermons, the tools our philosophy that we can use to banish disillousionment by identifying the causation of suffering by identifying its link to attachment and ego.


  • V says:

    This is a question that I’ve asked myself time and time again. Since I read panditji’s comment, I have been trying to come up with an answer. My most recent attempt in my search for an question is to read Robin Sharma’s, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I must admit that I have been unsuccessful in completing the task because of other responsibilities.I have many thoughts as to why I existence. This may sound redundant but I see my self on a journey or walking a path. As I go long, my job is to enhance each life that I encounter. For those that have not been positive, I ‘chalk it down’ as me paying a debt that was owed.I don’t think there is a simple answer to the question as we exist on many levels and I think each must be in balance for us to fully understand our existence; especially on a spiritual level.

  • Marsha Ramnarine says:

    We are all here simply to enjoy being human. Everything we know about the universe is through our perception of entities. This is what the eternal energy wanted , we had to be ignorant of our true nature so that we can enjoy getting back to the godhead. I believe that if I meditate and keep practising, I will not only get there but experience life to the fullest.

  • Pt. Hardat says:

    Namaskar. Great discussions everyone. Healthy and intelligent discussions are food for the Soul and support for the Mind.
    In one of my recent discources at the Temple, I spoke on Chiselling the Human Mind and Body. I feel that beneath and within the layers of the Mind, there are so many unwanted pieces of elements that are causing our own destruction. Anger, lust, ignorance…to name a few. How do we get rid of the extras? We must be able to IDENTIFY them. Knowing ourselves is “Learning about Yourselves” and admitting that the qualities we have are ours. We can then start to work on those qualities. Denying them is the greatest harm we can cause to the SELF.
    Many of us wear spectacles for the eyes, but we need to wear the spectacles for the mind. Unfortunately the Human spectacle (Mind spectacle) tends not to see the faults and qualities of thyself, but that of others. We must change that spectacle immediately and start discovering the SELF…Your Self.
    Remember that life wants you to win. So get out of your own way.

  • Anjani says:

    The purpose for us being born is to free the soul.  Humans are the only creature with intellect  and we are suppost to use it wisely.  If we wish to end the cycle of birth and death then we have to take it seriously because there is no guarantee that our next birth will be as a human again.
    We were all sent here because of our past actions or desires. 
    I have a Guru and it's amazing how he knows me more than I know myself so I practise his teachings.  Having a "True Guru" or a "Sat Guru" is the best thing we could do for the "Self".

  • Neil says:

    Revered Panditji,
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this discussion. All of the participants have provided much food for thought.  We  need to look at the life of  all the Great Masters, Avatars and even Yogananda to realize the first step:
    1) Pray and ask God to send a True Guru. A Guru that is "Srothiyam Bramnistham" i.e A Guru that knows all scriptures and can reconcile the apparent contradictions. A Guru that  is seeing and experiencing God at all times i.e the mind is attached to God.
    2) Practice the Sadan that this personality prescribes with wholehearted sincerity. This personality will enable you to understand the true meaning of life is to reattach ourselves to our soul beloved God(whichever form of God this Saint worships).
    3) There is nothing out there that the Vedic Scriptures have not covered. As we are aware we have six schools of philosophy. Therefore, something for everyone but at the end we have to take shelter in Sat Guru and God because remember Maya is a power of God and no one can cross over Maya without the Grace of Sat Guru and God according to Srimad Bhagavad Gita.
    Thank you once again Panditji.

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