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Namaskar and Welcome to our new website

The new design is intended to help you to better navigate the site and to bring you up to date information on the activities of Bhavani Shankar Mandir and our Cultural Centre.
As you know, we have so many layers of activities happening. We want to ensure that you are properly informed about them.
We have added some new sections such as; Weddings, Sports, Cultural and our Youth section as well.
Also, I am now able to greet you daily with a live Blog. In this section, you are free to share your constructive thoughts and ideas. We also welcome your compliments.

Do enjoy and remember to ‘Stay in touch’

Pt. Hardat

8 Responses to “Namaskar and Welcome to our new website”
  • KRISHNA says:

    Dear Pandit Hardat,


    I just want to share my words of encouragement and compliments to you for doing a fantastic job with the Mandir.This shows that the executives and members are
    following your wisdom and ideas for success.
    Great things in Life happen with Great People!
    May Bhagwan bless you and all the members to continue the good work always for Dharma.
    Once again congratulations always!

  • Chitra says:

    To Panditji, Seeta and all the Organizers of tbe Fundraising Dinner,

    Excellent Job guys & gals. The Program was well organized and the Evening was a lot of fun. The Venue and food was very tasteful, however the latter was a bit spicy for the kids. Bhai Prem, you did an excellent Job – just a couple more jokes the next time. Also Umeshji was absolutely amazing and had the crowd going with his wonderful selection of our all time favourites.

    From a parents perspective, it’s a lot of sacrifice and effort to prepare the children for these activities, however, our hearts swell with pride and happinness to watch the children shine. Some times we take the mandir and the activities being offered for granted, however, the benefits to the kids and the exposure that they receive in return is monumental and worth every bit of effort they put into it.

    Panditji – you are doing an outstanding job with the children and the mandir and may the warmth, home like atmosphere, positive energies that envelopes Bhavani Shankar mandir – with you at the helm always be present.

    Devi maa’s blessings on you and your hardworking members…..Chitra

  • Sara says:

    Sita Ram Pundit Hardat…

    I love the new website…very cool and I love the colours…very easy to navigate through.
    The dinner was fantastic and I had a wonderful time. I look forward to the many wonderful events to come to BSM.
    It is truly a blessing to have a wonderful leader such as yourself, promoting our beautiful religion.
    Keep the awesome positive work you do.


  • Rookminie says:

    Pandit Hardat & Team

    Love the Website !!! It’s absolutely fantastic. Every so often I can go browse at the past events & pictures.

    P.S. Job well done at the fund raising dinner. My compliments to you all. Keep up the good work.


  • Namastee to my brother Pt. Hardat and the rest of Bhavani Shankar Mandir,

    I would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful website with me. Now, my family and I could join you from the state of New Jersey in United States even though we are not in Canada. The website is wonderful. I love attending Bhavani Shankar Mandir when I visit Canada. The youths seem to be doing a fantastic job under the guidance of Guruji Hardat.

    Also, I would to thank Pt. Hardat for being one of my role models, and I am sure I am one of many who have this sentiment to share.

    Thank you all again!

    Sincerely wish ashirvadams,
    Sabrina from New Jersey

  • Sita says:

    Hi Pandit Hardat,

    I am very happy that I found your mandir. I had attended other mandirs but am finding that yours is a good fit for me and I especially enjoy your teachings. (You also sing very nicely!).

    I am looking forward to becoming more of a part of the mandir by becoming an active member.


  • Anjanie says:

    Namaste` Pandit Hardat and all at BSM,

    I was perusing the website with ease. I love it!! It’s vibrant,informative and current. I was impressed at your annual dinner. U and your team has come a long way in a short time. Bravo!!! U are a great role model for young kids. May the lord continue to bless u and your team as u selflessly promote our religion and culture.

    Seeta Ram

  • Pt. Hardat says:

    thank you and God bless

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